Axial Load Test - Braided flexible couplings

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Axial Load Test for Braided flexible couplings

Axial load test for braided flexible couplings

Load testing automation

This example shows a batch testing rig for applying axial load to braided flexible couplings. This particular example tests hoses used to isolate vibrations in high pressure refrigeration plants.

Automation Technologies Ltd has designed and built a number of variants on this theme, notable examples include a design for automatically testing axial strength and setting the hose to the correct length after carrying out the test.

The machine shown can test a range of part types using interchangeable tool sets and is used essentially for sample testing, it is controlled by a simple PLC and driven by an air over oil hydraulic system.

Other designs have utilized more sophisticate control with servo drives for precise positioning and load cells for accurate load measurement. Control systems can range from the simple example shown to more complex implementations having continuous part data logging and multiple part databases with graphical load / extension displays.