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Sheet metal roll leveller - Straightener leveler for sale

Sheet metal roll leveller - Straightener leveler for sale.

Straightener leveler

This is one of a range of simple 11 roller levellers designed for sheet steel up to 2 mm, in thickness and widths up to 1500 mm.

The units come complete with a stacking run out table that has a build in scissor jack that automatically indexes the table down after each sheet to form a completed stack. The unit is simple to operate and has digital readouts for the roller and attack angle adjustments.

The model shown which is in stock can cope with widths up to 750 mm and length of 1500 (limited only by the run out table length).

The overall dimensions are:

Height 1400 mm
Width 1700 mm
Length including run out table: 2200 mm
Maximum sheet width: 750 mm
Maximum sheet thickness: 2 mm
Minimum sheet thickness: 0.5 mm