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Production automation system to fully automate the unloading, printing, checking and stacking of pregnancy tester bodies

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Automation system to fully automate production

Automation Technologies has recently completed a new automatic unloading and stacking system for Carclo Technical Plastics in Mitcham, designed to fully automate the production of components for a well known brand of pregnancy tester. CTP Carclo is a major producer of specialist plastics mouldings for the pharmaceutical industry

The design brief was to produce an automation system to fully automate the production, unloading, printing, checking and stacking of pregnancy tester bodies while being capable of continuous 24/7 operation with only one unskilled operator. The system was to be capable of high speed operation with 100% component inspection on the fly while also maintaining quality control records to ensure component traceability.

The system is based around a Kraus Mafei injection moulder with a 32 impression tool producing both upper and lower case mouldings for the tester. The system removes the components and places them in accurately machined moving jigs where they are then printed using a custom designed hot foil printer, and then camera inspected before being stacked in pallet form suitable for subsequent use with automatic assembly equipment. Upper and lower case halves are handled simultaneously and are presented to the operator in fully stacked pallets.

In order to meet the production speed required, component printing is carried out 16 impressions at a time. In order to accomplish this the printer unit had to be specially designed and built to suit.

Embedded P.C. control technology was used to provide integrated Camera inspection facilities and also to maintain production control records for product traceability. Production information is available to the operator either at the machine or remotely over a standard Ethernet network.

Now in production, the system can produce over 90,000 components per day and fully meets the original design brief. The system was designed and built completely in-house at Automation Technologies and was delivered on schedule and in budget.

Embedded P.C. control