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Successful industrial automation design and manufacturer of special purpose machines, a complete in-house service.

Cleaning robot
Cleaning Aircraft turbine rotors robotic system

Cryogenic Cleaning
Automatic Cryogenic Cleaning Dry Ice CO2

Steel decoiler
Steel decoiler for roll forming line

Sheet metal leveller
Sheet metal roll leveller - Straightener leveler

Automatic inserter
Automatic insertion screw thread inserts

Industrial racking beam assembly
Automatic assembly of industrial racking beam

Stripwound steel tube making
Stripwound steel tube making equipment

Assembly of CD case
Assembly automation of CD case plastic parts

Machine winding stainless steel
Machine winding stainless steel

Self adhesive plastic tabbing machine
Self adhesive plastic tabbing machine

Electrical Slip Rings
Modular Electrical Slip Rings

Assembly of pregnancy tester bodies
Automation of pregnancy tester bodies

leak detector
C & I Solutions LD001 leak detector

plastic rain gutter parts assembly
Assembly automation of plastic rain gutter parts

Leak test of oil bottling
Automatic leak test of oil bottling

Punch chamfer reel and cut machine
Automatic punch chamfer reel and cut machine

kettle leak test
Automatic kettle leak test

Axial Load Test Braided couplings
Axial Load Test of Braided flexible couplings

Plasma cutting automation
Plasma cutting automation

beam welding machine
Automatic beam welding machine

Calender roller
Calender roller automation

Photographic label cutting
Photographic label cutting machine

Hotplate welding machine
Hotplate welding machine

Reliable equipment built and tested by highly skilled engineers in Sussex; this includes control systems, robotics and software. From a simple PLC, to embedded multiprocessor; all machines are CE marked and comply with the European Machinery Directive.

Production automation includes part manufacture and assembly. Giving support from your initial concept to final implementation, valued by our Customers. Let us help you improve industrial productivity, quality and safety; reduce factory downtime and waste.