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Used Adira QHA 10030 Press Brake for sale
100 ton x 3000mm hydraulic upstroke.

Used Adira QHA 10030 100 ton x 3000mm Press Brake hydraulic upstroke for sale. top and bottom tools Guards

Serial no.: 3116/6140
Capacity: 100 ton (101,600 kgs) x 3000mm
Maximum length of bend 3100mm
Between frames 2540mm
Daylight 370mm
Throat depth 450mm
Stroke length 100mm
Input: 415/3/50 ac 7.5 hp approx
Equipped with: Full length top tool and multi vee block
Power back gauge
Sick guards
Actuated via: Full length foot treadle
Dimensions: Length 12'2" (3.7m)
Width 6'6" (1.98m)
Height 7'9" (2.36m)
Nett weight approx. 6.3/4 ton (6858 kgs)

Adira Press Brake for sale
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