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New CNC Router Technos 26 for sale.

CNC Router Technos 26 for sale

Technos CNC Routers

Tool changer

Numerically controlled CNC Router with fixed working table and mobile head carriage with three continuous displayed axis, suitable for the machining of wood, plastics, composites and non ferrous materials. The machine structure with the "C" frame carriage and fixed working table, maximum space available can be utilised. The components are always fixed to the table, as movements along the three axis X, Y and Z are carried out by the 'C' frame and operating head. The bed and head carriage are made of electric welded steel, which is normalised and suitably ribbed in order to obtain maximum stiffness and ensure a long life.
Technical Data
Quick speed: 60 m/min 50 m/min 10 m/min
Stroke: 2,600mm 1,250mm 200mm
Weight 3,000kg

One 7.5hp router head with ISO 30 taper, maximum spindle speed 18,000 rpm.
One five station rack type tool changer.
Five ISO 30 tool holders and five collets.

One 3hp drilling unit with 10 vertical spindles and 4 horizontal spindles.

The machine work table consists of 6 panel supports with 2 vacuum cups per rail, the cups are manually adjustable on the rails and the rails are manually adjustable and locked by a handle located on the front of each panel support, this system also incorporates 10 programmable pneumatic location stops.

One 100 cu/m/hr vacuum pump.

Light beams situated at the front of the machine separated into two working zones to allow tandem loading.
Remote start/stop vacuum clamp/unclamp buttons situated in both working zones.

WOODWISE numerical controller
Architecture on industrial PC basis.
Windows based pull down menus.
Form-filled type programming aid and displays the relative illustration. Error diagnostics with explanatory messages. Teach-in aid program generation. Context sensitive help. DNC function provides large program direct execution of over 64K-byte from 3 = ins floppy disk or sent from host computer through RS-232 interface.

CE standards.